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User experience
inspired by humans.

Good design serves needs. And as users don’t want to think, it’s important to build your experience around how they interact. We help you make sure your product is super friendly, looking good and achieving your business goals.

Creating memorable experiences.

Research and analysis

We start our process with a deep understanding of the business goals and design challenges ,then we utilize the different types of research methods to gather data and build up insights.

Strategy and planning

Connecting the information together and outlining the UX strategy needed for the project case then setting the action steps necessary.

Wireframing and prototyping

Sketching wireframes and creating both high and low fidelity prototypes of the product based on the user research insights, journey mapping, and previous phases outputs.

Testing and iterating

Validating assumptions through testing with interactive mockups, observing human interactions then iterating for better versions.

Designing experiences for humans.

UX consulting

Helping you solve your current product issues by implementing the UI/UX modifications needed based on analytics and insights.

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Usability testing

Analyzing users’ behavior while interacting with your product to design an experience that is easy, effective and can be understood worldwide.

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UX research

Exploring the target audience preferences about your product and making ensuring that what you are building meets their expectations.

UX strategy

Matching your business goals with the design approach through guidelines and rules that ensures consistency.

UX gamification

Reduce your bounce rate, intense your users and build interactive experiences that enhance your users’ engagement.

UX writing

Ensure that every page, CTA and error message is written with regard to user conceptual models and free of jargon.

How we can help?

When your product is not performing as expected and you are missing your business goals.

When your experience is outdated and your need to refresh your look and interaction experience.

When you need continuous insights about your users and their interaction with your product or service.

Experience Driven

Following the mental, behavioral, emotional and conceptual models we wireframe sites and imaging every possible user scenario to ensure an interactive experience.

Lean UX approach

Dropping off the deliverables constraints and building a cross functional understanding of the your product experience to speed up the process of ux engineering.

Design sprints technique

Testing assumptions early and building products on the go. This is what design sprints mean. Following this approach helps us get a product up and running within a week and starting our testing process earlier.

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