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Hydrotechnics animation

Hydrotechnics animation

What is Hydrotechnics?

It is a form of light animation projected on water.

A Hydrotechnics animation show can include lights, fire, smoke, sound and lasers in combination to produce amazing visuals. A popular application of Hydrotechnics animation is building musical fountains, or dancing fountains, made for entertainment purposes.

The Dubai fountain is the largest musical fountain in the world, it extends over 275 meters in length and shoots water 150 meters into the air, and is equipped with 6600 lights, 25 colored projectors, fog and fire effects.

Another example of Hydrotechnics animation can be seen in popular events such as the Lumiere festival.


The Roshen Musical Fountain in Ukraine

The above picture showing a musical fountain, also known as a dancing fountain, is a type of animated fountain for entertainment purposes that creates an aesthetic design (including three-dimensional images).

Sand Animation

This technique requires you to get your hands dirty with sand. Using a lit glass table as a canvas, the animator creates a certain drawing with sand, photographs it, then erases the drawing and recreates another one. The process is repeated for the desired number of frames.

The resulting frames are eventually merged during post production to show the sand animation merged to show the sand animation. Even though it takes hours to complete the animation, the end creation will truly blow your mind away.

There are two types of sand animation. In the first type, designs are drawn on sand and then the images are captured, it’s kind of similar to stop motion technique. The images are captured frame by frame and then rearranged. In the second type, the actual motion of sand art is captured on video. For this process, animators sometimes use some lighting effects to portray their artistic styles. In this post we have put.


Sand Animation
Kseniya Simonova is a sand animation artist. Performing on a light box she tells stories