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Motion capture

Motion capture

Motion capture is the process of digitally recording different patterns of movement, like moving objects or characters. It’s not only used in animation and film making, but it’s also used in medical applications, sports, military and computer vision and robotics.

Motion capture in filmmaking involves the recording of human actors’ movements and using this data to animate digital character models in 2D or 3D computer animation. It can include more detailed movements, like facial expressions or fingers, which is known as performance capture. Professional motion capture and 3D animation artists in the games, film, and television industries use Autodesk motion capture software for high-volume 3D character animation.

Motion capture actor

Motion-capture acting, also called performance-capture acting, sometimes abbreviated as MoCap or Pcap, is a type of acting in which an actor wears markers or sensors on a skintight bodysuit or directly on the skin.