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Baianat academy

Our academy is the place where you learn and interact closely with Baianat and benefit from its experience.

What is Baianat academy?

Baianat academy is the place to go if you are still a student or looking for information about any technology field, looking for internship at Baianat or any other way to lear, the academy is the place that holds all these things together. 

Do you hold out workshops?

Yes, of course. We have workshops in many fields that we work in, and you can check out all the workshops information through the academy. 

How can i join a workshop held by Baianat?

To join a workshop at Baianat, just watch closely the news about our workshops times and wait for the registration to open, then apply directly through our website, and we will contact you. 

What kinds of workshops are held by Baianat?

Baianat has different workshops in all different technology fields, starting from web development, to mobile app development, web design, UX, marketing and more.

What time are the workshops held?

We have workshops around the year, but mainly in summer where all students have vacations and they are free to come and join.

How long are the workshops?

The duration of the workshops varies, between 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the study material and the time needed to finish it.

Do I receive a certification for joining the workshop?

Yes, you will receive a certification of attendance stating the duration and the scientific material of the workshop.