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Ambassadors program

Find all you need to know about Baianat ambassadors and how to become an ambassador.

What is Baianat ambassadors program?

Baianat ambassadors program is what we created for students, where they can beat the boring campus life and become a part of something bigger, we hold out events and after graduation trainings for our ambassadors and so much more.

How can I become one of Baianat ambassadors?

It’s simple, you can go to Baianat ambassadors and apply directly through our website and we will contact you in case you’re accepted.

What is the criteria for acceptance in the ambassadors program?

To be accepted in the ambassadors program with Baianat you must be a campus student with a wide range of relationships, popularity, enthusiasm, responsibility and you should know how to balance between your studying and being a part of Baianat program.

What are the perks of joining the ambassadors program?

Explore into your dream career and have a one-on-one training opportunity here at Baianat, you can also be one the first ones to try out Baianat new initiatives and projects beta version, become one Baianat speakers in any campus events and receive your own branded stationery from us. 

How will I know that I got accepted?

You will receive an acceptance email from Baianat telling you that you fit our criteria and that you are now one of Baianat ambassadors, including a list of your duties and more information about your branded materials.