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Franchising FAQs

Find answers to all your burning questions on Baianat franchise program. Whether you are a current member or seeking knowledge, we may have answered your questions already, if not, send your questions by contacting us.

Why join our team?

Baianat provides a franchise program that is similar to a long term partnership. The brand name will help you establish a strong presence and attract clients from day one. We work by your side and transfer all our knowledge to the new branch starting from our processes to culture. We ensure a proper training for the talents and helps you during the crisis situations.

How much does the franchise cost?

The franchise fees differs based on the agreement type and the whole partnership situation. This applies to royalty and advertising as well.

Will I receive training?

Of course! Based on our agreement, we will be providing training for the whole branch team in variety of areas that we see essential for kicking of a successful franchise. In addition, we will be inviting you to attend the company main events in the headquarter and provide on demand sessions in case of event preparation or crisis management.

Who is responsible of the office?

The office shall be brought by your side, however, we will be sending all our instructions when it comes to furnishings and interior design in order to maintain the same brand impression and keep consistency cross seas.

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