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Baianat resources

Baianat resources are created under a creative common license which makes it downloadable and usable by any designer around the globe. Feel free to use our icons, UIs, mock-ups and other material available in Resources for any project you are working on.

Should I mention Baianat?

It's not necessary, but we would appreciate referring back to us as this motivates us a lot while working on the new resources. Also, we might republish some of the work we like and refer to the owner on our website case studies.

Are the resources free?

Yes, all of Baianat resources are 100% free without collecting anything in return, not even an email, just a download button. 

Why do you give free resources without anything in return?

Because we believe that knowledge can’t be sold, so we share our knowledge and our hard work with the community without asking for returns.

How can I download the resources?

Simple! Just go to Resources and choose your preferred resource, click on it and you will see the download button, just click on that and the files are directly downloaded to your device.

What kinds of resources do you offer?

Our resources are in different fields of technology that are closely related to our fields of work and we’re adding to them regularly.