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Seeders program

All the information you need about Baianat seeders program.

What is Baianat Seeders program?

Baianat Seeders program entitles field experts to become part of Baianat program, join events and receive extensive training from our team and more.

How can I join Seeders program?

Simple, visit Seeders and fill out the form with the required information and we will contact you in case you’re accepted.

What is the criteria for acceptance in the seeders program?

We are looking for active self-motivated leaders who are looking for change and aiming to do something in their life, they believe in our culture and share our beliefs.

How will I know if I got accepted?

We will contact you via email if you got accepted with us in the seeders program, including a list of the events you can join and training dates.

Why join Baianat seeders?

We have a vision of changing cultures and communities through digital products, and we need people to help us along the way, and we can help them too by sharing our experience and secrets with them to help them through their journey, they will also have a bigger chance of fully becoming a member of Baianat team.