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We play and go
further, together.

Baianat Culture

We are Baianat. We carry our home DNA with us everywhere. It follows us like our shadow. Walks behind us under the sun and beside us under the moon. You can call us crazy, but we believe it takes only small actions to change the world.

Qualities we never



We pour our soul into everything we do and take pride in ourselves and visions. That’s why we create things in our own way and add unexpected twists to every project.



Walking the talk and talking the walk. We respect the trust our partners put in us and take the responsibility of meeting the impression created in their minds.



No secrets. No barriers. We work closely with our partners to create projects of value. When issues arise, we address it together and talk freely over anything and everything.


A look into what our life in Baianat looks like.


Thoughts we carry in our hearts and minds.

Our Standards

Start with why

We always look for the root cause behind actions. Our critical thinking methodology ensures that we come up with a suitable solution that fits from all aspects

Hard work beats talent

We don't believe in talent, but we do trust the math so if you exert effort in the right direction consistently, you will surely reach your destination.

Do it for humans.

What benefits humanity lasts for eternity. That's why we work on creating projects of value that makes people’s life easier, and with time becomes part of their lifestyle.

Teach what you learned.

Knowledge is not exclusive. You can't have it all, neither we. And without sharing our experiences with the world, we can't learn back from it.

Less is more.

We believe that simple experiences are hard to create but easy to remember. So we start from huge versions and look for something to remove not an extra thing to add.

Play, don't work.

It’s not about delivering the project; it's about enjoying the game and making moves that you’re proud of because you're playing not working.

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